3.11、検索は応援になる。€‚ | Help Tohoku. Search "3.11". - Yahoo!検索

Three years have passed since that fateful day

and we at Yahoo! Search wanted to show our support,

as we know so many others want to, for Tohoku.

We wanted to find a way to transform such showings of support

into actual help for the revitalization of Tohoku.

For today March 11th, for every person who uses Yahoo! Search

from the Yahoo! JAPAN homepage to search for “3.11”,

Yahoo! Search will donate 10 yen per person

to the general donation fund established by the recognized charity

Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Initiatives Foundation.

Yahoo! Search will continue to be the link between information and hope.

Stand with us and help us help Tohoku by searching “3.11”.

11.Mar.14 1 month ago


Celano, Italy (by L-M PHOTOS)

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

(by My Destination Puerto Rico)

Paris, France

(by travelingwithbillphotography)

Lapland, Finland

(by Benjamin (Bill) Planche)

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately but I’ll be done with my exam tomorrow afternoon so send me your favorite cities/countries here and I’ll start setting up a massive queue tomorrow! 

07.Jan.14 3 months ago

Hope everyone had a marvelous New Year wherever you are in the world!

I know I sure had a great time out in London(: 

02.Jan.14 3 months ago


Munich, Germany (by One_Penny)

Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, Japan

(by Vocalonation)

Orchard Road, Singapore

(by Ugur Ozden)